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Ice Dam First Response quarts Ice Dam First Response quarts "6 Pack"
dam with standing water, you need to act fast! Water can leak into the structure, causing potentially significant damage. Remove as much snow as possible so you have a clear work area. Pour some Ice Dam 1st Response liquid ice melter slowly on top and above the ice dam to attempt to “cut” an escape route for the already melted snow. The liquid deicer should start working immediately. The product has a freezing point of -76 degrees and melts ice super fast!

It's like Drano for your gutter!

..........................................Freezes at -76 degrees!

Because the Ice Dam First response is heavier than water, the liquid will flow underneath the ice and create a channel between the gutter and ice. Think of it this way - as the product has a freezing point of -76 degrees, it's almost like you are taking a torch to the gutter!

Price: $54.99



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