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Ice Dam Blaster Sleeves (TM) Box of 15 Ice Dam Blaster Sleeves (TM) Box of 15
It is the low-cost, simple solution to prevent damage caused by ice dams.

The Ice Dam Blaster TM is a sleeve filled with deicer material that is long-lasting and won't damage the roof or its components (including roofing nails, shingles, gutters and down spouts). In addition, the run-off will not damage turf, shrubs, flower beds, or concrete at the bottom of the down spout.

The key is to melt an outlet through an ice dam, by placing the Ice Dam Blaster TM in strategic locations, to allow the water to run through the outlet and into the gutters and downspouts that will open because of the deicing material. Ice Dam Blasters TM should be placed on the roof, one to two feet above the gutter, at the farthest point away from the downspout (in order to keep the gutter clear), and approximately every 20 feet. It is a good idea to place an Ice Dam Blaster TM in valleys where a lot of water runs to the gutters. Gutters and downspouts should be clear of leaves and debris in order to allow for the ice dam blaster to work properly.

Under "typical" winter conditions the sleeves should be placed on the roof after the late Fall rainy season is over and as early during the Winter season as possible to prevent ice dam water back-up. The Ice Dam Blaster TM should last for the entire winter season, however it may need to be replaced if enough moisture occurs to empty the sleeve. When the sleeve is empty it will usually blow to the ground, so you may not need to climb up to get it.

Price: $239.00



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