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Wood and composite deck deicer - Granular pellets - Larger quanties - call Wood and composite deck deicer - Granular pellets - Larger quanties - call

Calcium magnesium acetate is a bit unique, you will need to get used to it, It does not produce your typical brine that flows across the surface. Rather, it stays fairly close to where you put it, so you need to spread it as evenly as you can, but sparingly. Calcium magnesium acetate works a little slower but it lasts a long time because it does not run off. Therefore it builds up with subsequent applications, so less and less is needed over time. It is 100% biodegradeable, but needs to be over 50 degrees for it to break down. It sounds a little expensive at first, but how much did that deck cost? What about you, a guest or a pet slipping and falling? One slip and fall can create a real hardship.

With proper use, will not damage any type of wood. Salt or chloride-based products are corrosive to metal and you can put your entire family at risk if you put salt on the deck. It's hard on the wood but you are inviting disaster from corroded joist hangers, nails, screws etc. Worse yet, there could be electrical conduits or gas pipes running below, out of sight until it's too late. There have been several cases of decks collapsing from using salt. If you have used salt in the past, have your deck inspected for any signs of corrosion and make recommended repairs.

Not only will this melt the snow and ice, it also provides anti-stick properties.

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