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Clean Sweep Liquid Deicer - (2) 2.5 gallon jug case

Clean Sweep is cost-effective and safe to use on parking ramps, inclines to parking areas, sidewalks, and driveways

Low corrosion: contains no chlorides
Safe for the environment: non-persistent, biodegradable
Lasts longer: requires fewer applications
Multi-purpose: anti-icing, deicing, and prewetting solids
Low freezing point of -24° F (-31° C)
When used as an anti-icer - prevents adhesion of snow/ice to pavement
When used as a deicer - breaks snow/ice bonds prior to mechanical removal
Readily biodegrades at low temperatures; has low BOD
Low toxicity to fish and mammals
Does not contain nitrogen, sodium, or chlorides
Safe for vegetation


Deicing: Commercial = 1-3 gallons/1000 square feet

Anti-icing: Commercial = 0.5 gallons/1000 square feet
Prewetting: apply at spreader outlet at a rate of 1.25 gallons per 100 lbs. of solid deicer
Reapply when new snow/ice accumulation shows first tendency to bond
Plow promptly to reduce fluid dilution


Polyethylene containers are preferred, otherwise carbon, low alloy, or stainless steel
Containers must be clean and free of rust, surface deposits, and residues
Do not use galvanized materials

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