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Online Catalogue |  - Wood and Composite Deck Ice Melters - Pet Safe

Article about using Calcium magnesium acetate for ice melt on a wood deck
Safe deicer products for wood or composite decks

Safe deicer products for wood or composite decks

Enjoy your deck and move about safely using Calcium magnesium acetate to remove the ice.

DO NOT use salt or calcium chloride on your wood or composite deck which can corrode the fastners and hardware!

Salt or any chloride-based products are very corrosive to metal and you can put your entire family at risk if you put salt or calcium chloride on the deck. It's hard on the wood but you are inviting disaster from corroded joist hangers, nails, screws etc. Worse yet, there could be electrical conduits or gas pipes running below, out of sight and corroding slowly until it's too late. There have been several cases of decks collapsing from using salt. If you have used salt in the past, have your deck inspected for any signs of corrosion and make recommended repairs.

Q: "What can I use to melt ice or snow on my wood or composite deck without hurting the wood or decking materials?"

A: Finally, an ice melting product that is the safest for your wood deck or composite deck, as well as pets. Great for wooden paths or bridges too!

Calcium magnesium acetate is a deicer and can be used as an alternative to rock salt. It is approximately as corrosive as normal tap water, and in varying concentrations can be effective in stopping ice from forming.

Calcium magnesium acetate is produced from a reaction of a magnesium/calcium compound with glacial acetic acid. (vinegar compounds) It is reacted with dolomite or dolomitic lime, to produce Calcium magnesium acetate.

Lowest corrosion product of anything on the market, even is good for vegetation! Salt, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride or any commercial products with those ingredients are corrosive and can damage the hardware that holds it all together. Additionally, Calcium Chloride has a more severe freeze/thaw cycle that can contribute to nail popping, splitting or cracking the decking materials, and refreezing to black ice. It is very hard on your skin, eyes, leather, fabric and more.

Calcium magnesium acetate is a bit unique, it does not produce your typical brine that flows across the surface. Rather, it stays fairly close to where you put it, so you need to spread it as evenly as you can, but sparingly. Calcium magnesium acetate lasts a long time because it does not run off. Therefore it builds up with subsequent applications, so less and less is needed over time. It is 100% biodegradeable, over 50 degrees for it to break down. Being vey light weight, it does not take a lot do get the job done.

Not only will this melt the snow and ice, it also provides anti-stick properties. Ice and snow do not readily bond so removal is easy. No more corrosive than tap water! See the article at Wikipedia here

Here's the voice of experience from an individual using Calcium magnesium acetate products.Read article

Clean Sweep liquid anti-icer and deicer

Clean Sweep liquid anti-icer and deicer

Clean Sweep is cost-effective and safe to use on parking ramps, inclines to parking areas, sidewalks, and driveways

Low corrosion: contains no chlorides
Safe for the environment: non-persistent, biodegradable
Lasts longer: requires fewer applications
Multi-purpose: anti-icing, deicing, and prewetting solids
Low freezing point of -24° F (-31° C)
When used as an anti-icer - prevents adhesion of snow/ice to pavement
When used as a deicer - breaks snow/ice bonds prior to mechanical removal
Readily biodegrades at low temperatures; has low BOD
Low toxicity to fish and mammals
Does not contain nitrogen, sodium, or chlorides
Safe for vegetation

Online Catalogue |  - Wood and Composite Deck Ice Melters - Pet Safe

The Ice Dam Blaster TM is a sleeve filled with deicer material that is long-lasting and won't damage the roof or its components (including roofing nails, shingles, gutters and down spouts). In addition, the run-off will not damage turf, shrubs, flower beds, or concrete at the bottom of the down spout. Manufacturer may make modifications to the product at times. We will do the best to keep updated with any changes.

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